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1.When I run the master scheduling for a particular item I get the error “Job exceeds the max job lead time of 100 days”

The max job lead time is set as 100 in production parameters

**1.A )**If I set exactly same route for another item then I dont get this error.What can be the reason?

**1.B)**What is max job lead time exactly & how its calculated at the time of master scheduling due to which I am getting above error.

2. What is the meaning of the other error “cache Error Item 01614847”…is it just a warning?

Thanks in advance.

1a Look at the route, any circularity, the work centre, and then the lead time of all purchased items required to make it.

1b The system is looking how long it takes you to make it - it is calculated from the routing and capacity settings.

Just a warning I believe, but related to your cache settings and hardware and how it handles. it.

the cache error looks like a kernel bug, can you manage to repro it constantly?

1.Fabricio,Error is Reproducable at will.

2.Adam,…I have doubt why the purchase lead time of component should be added to the manufacturing lead time of product.

I believe MLT=MLT1 + MLT2 + MLT3…

Where ,

MLT=manufacturing lead time of the Product.

MLT1= Sum of Run time ,Set uptime ,Wait time,quetime ,Transfer time for operation no.1 of the route

No it is not affecting the start and end time, but it might be having an impact on the start date. I am making an assumption you have checked the obvious but perhaps not, you need to look at the route and the capacity and any multi-level impact.

regarding the cache error, try to stop, start the aos and see if you get the same problem. if you get the same problem it might be a bug.

Hello Sanax, I would recomend you to look the settings of the operation no.10: what is your relation between the Run time, the Process Qty. and the Hours/time factor. The message is saying that for the quantity you want to produce for item 56864540 in that operation, it will takes more than 100 days.

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System may give this error if your Route “Qty. of work Centers” is more than the actual available work center under a work group.



You cannot define a quantity of work centres on a route greater than the quantity in the group as standard.

Yes as you said we can not enter more than the group qty., but this may happen when you imported the data. so it is better he can check the work center qty. also.



Better check everything then if you are randomly importing data without validation. [:D]

Please ensure load and efficency is above zero for the work center as well as work center group in which operation 10 is to be processed.