MRP Running Issue

Some days before the MRP planner told me a strange issue about MRP running result in Navision 3.01B. Here I share it with you and am looking forward to any idea from you. Case I: Before calculating regenerative plan, no filter condition is setup in the report and both MRP and MPS are selected in the option. After running, some sub-item show its gross requirment and doesn’t suggest any planner order receipt. But its gross requirement of its parent item do indeed exsit in system. Why the requirement of sub item doesn’t generate?? Case II: When we find Case I, we only filter the sub item to re-run MRP calculation, then the planned order receipt of the sub item is created this time? Why?? Any ideas?

Hi PH It simply does not make sense. Have you any modifications in this area? To NOT generate anything when you do not filter, but apply a filter to the item and then it does generate makes no sense. My first point would be that the filter process/date is different in your cases, but you are saying it is not. Are you 100% sure nothing else is altered between Case 1 and Case 2? Can you tell us the item settings of the component, the demand and what the same is with the parent, explaining why you believe stock should be generated.

Hi PH I suspect there could be an issue with the low level code. Please try to recalculate the low level code by Manufacturing/Periodic Activities/calculate Low Level code.

Good point Luke Never yet turned off the automatic LLC setting, but it would certainly cause the situation P H is experiencing. [:D]

Luke, thanks very much for your suggestion. I run the batch job and notice the low-level code of sub item has changed. I think the issue is fixed and will check the MRP result again after next weekly MRP running. Thanks again.