MRP run

Hi all, I need some advices please: When running MRP, how is it possible to have JUST ONE PRODUCTION ORDER FOR THE SELLING ITEM ( WHICH ITEM HAS A MULTILEVEL BOM IN HIS STRUCTURE.) I dont want several multi productions orders for each sub level Bom as it is now. The customer would like to have on the same Prod Order, all items need to be produced. Thanks RF

HI Rosine, THis is possible in 3.60. Change the requisition method in all such items .It should not be lot-for-lot. The procedure is described in chapter 9 of pdf documentation for MAnufacturing 3.60.They have explained this with a specific exercise. Hope this solves. Regards, DD

I’m sorry Rosine, IT is page 343 & chapter 11. You hv to set requisition methods as MTO in all items concerned. Take MRP run put ‘production orders’ as a filter. Regards, Dhaarmendra Desai

Indeed, I do not think lot for lot is doing the trick but setting MTO does.

Hi All, One thing to note here is if run the MRP for all the items at the same time then you get this result. If you try to split the MRP Run for EG: Level 0 first and then a second run for level 1 so on. Then you still cannot add to the same production order. Thanks,

Thanks guys. It works!!! By the way , I need some advices: My client has 3 mfg plants and will run MRP at each plant ( location). 1. What is the best time ( for each production manager) to run MRP ??? 2. Do they need any type of process or routine when sales order are coming before MRP must be run? ( any advice qill be appreciated) 3. My client would like to schedule all jobs from each plant regardinf shipment dates, how it it possible to have a priority by job at the requisition worksheet level??? Thanks. RF

Hi Rosine, You have not mentioned the set up details.Database is one or independent? Any way, The ideal thing to look after is: 1) All latest sales orders must be updated before MRP run. 2)It is advisable to take MRP run when no users are logged in & no transactions are being generated in the system. 3)Accuracy of inventory is required & it must be checked from time to time at least for important & critical items. 4)LAst to be considered are your constraints in terms of time & consolifdation of data. Regards, DD

Hi Dharmendra I remember reading (somewhere? [:D]) that the reorder levels on individual SKU records were ignored, with the parameters being taken from the primary item entry. Therefore this could cause Rosine issues if the reorder levels and reordering parameters differed between her three plants (locations). I have tried to refind this error but cannot - can you remember it?

When trying to make a production order via the sales order planning functionality for an SKU, the “there is nothing to plan message” is given, although the requisition method for the SKU has been set to production. Codeunit 9900083, function OrdersCreated is looking at the Item settings and not at the SKU settings. It seems that the SKU card settings are only taken into account on MRP runs. - make item with requisition method = Purchase - make SKU for item with requisition method = Production - make sales order for SKU - from Sales Order : Order, Planning, Functions, Create Prod. Order Hail, hail : this will be solved in Rhodes.

Ah It all becomes clear [8D] There I was thinking I had seen it on the Navision issue listings, and all the time it was from a question posed here - how silly of me not to remember and search here. So Gunther I remember you logged it, any response - or is it, as you say, gooing to be “fixed in the next version”! By the way you did your manufacturing accreditation in Belgium/Holland (?) and you are now in Trinidad and Tobago - how did that happen and what is the weather like?!

The official reply was : fix it yourself or wait for Rhodes. Weather is fine over here [:D].