MRP Not considering expiry on certain products with same item model group

I have 2 items, the only difference is the batch number group, within there it’s the ‘on physical update’ flag and the number sequence code that’s different within there. I thought the on physical update flag was that if it was batch controlled the batch number would be applied/updated as at report as finished for anything with a planned order type of production, product receipt for planned purchase orders etc etc… The item with ‘On physical update’ ticked works as I want, takes the expiry into consideration and raises orders when the stock’s expired. The other with the different number sequence code and doesn’t have the ‘on physical update’ flag checked doesn’t consider the expiry date and doesn’t raise orders for to replace stock that’s been expired since last year?

If you look at a batch that has come from the second group does it actually have an expiry date?

The on physical creates it at the time of registration, receipt etc. when the physical stock is updated, when this is not ticked it will create it or not depending upon the other settings. The expiry date though is ultimately controlled through the item setup

Hi Steve,

Both items have the same expiry dates, expiring as of a few months ago. Exact same item model group. Coverage groups are different. I’ve been in the test system creating this scenario, I’ve changed quite a few things on the items, the one that seemed to have the impact was the batch number group though, that’s at the same time as having everything else as it was.



Well the on physical update is about the creation of the batch number, not the expiry - so I suggest setting the not-working batch group on the working item and seeing if planning still picks it up. My guess is it will which eliminates the batch group for you.