MRP/MPS - dates and planning

Hi all

I am new on DUG - and have a couple questions that I cant find in here…

We have implemented NAV 5.0 in our company and use the planning function, but there are stuff which we do not understand fully - so if anyone knows it, please let me know!:

From sales order to Production order

When creating a production order from a sales order - it is the “shipment date” there are used for the date on the production order. But when shipping an order, “shipment date” is changed to the actual date (if delivered to early or to late) - the problem appears when shipping too much on a future order (which is normal to us - eg. delivering the 5 of 100 pcs 2 weeks to early) and then shipment date is changed 2 weeks - which the planning uses for changing the production orders with 2 weeks. - just because we had 5 on stock and shipped.

  • can we change, so we use “planned shipment date” instead? this date always stay the same

From production order to purchase order

We dont understand why the delivery dates on the purchase orders relate to the “due date / ending date” on the production order - we get our raw material home to late. Is there some in the settings, where we change to use the start date on a production order?

Function for skipping production orders or purchases

Does anyone know if it is possible to make the planning enginge “skip” certain orders - it gives a lot of unnessecary work when having production orders there differs a little from the normal setup - eg. having a demand for 45 pcs, but we have 90 pcs of rawmaterial on stock, and the planner decides to produce it all at one and put 45 pcs of finished goods on stock - everytime we run the planning, there is a suggestion for cancelling 45 pcs. But we want the 90 and dont want to see the suggestion everytime we run the planning.



What r using to create Production Order from Sales Order ? Order promising, Planning Worksheet, Sales Order Planning or Order Planning ?

What is mentioned in the Reordering policy on ur FG ?

Purchase Order date is calculated in reversed manner. It will check the when production order is getting finished and what is the lead time i.e. the time for finishing production order. It will include lead times mentioned on RM as well. It depends on ur calendars as well if someday is off add that as well.

Starting date of production order is calculated backwards i.e. it checks the day Item on Sales Order, for which Production order is made, is to shipped. So u need to check ur dates on ur Sales Order to control date on Production Order. If same item is to delivered on diff dates and u need planning to be categorical for same item based on date. U can create diff lines with different dates on Sales Order lines, if this does not sound overkill. Then u can use Sales Order-> Order ->Planning.