MRP/MPS and Locations

Can anyone help? In Running MRP/MPS, I’m finding it not picking up component items that are at various other locations even when the “Use Forecast on Locations” buttons is not checked. I have also tried the following: A Production forecast without locations Components at Location (Blank) Location Mandatory (Unchecked) I have quantities of the same component on hand at various locations. I run MRP/MPS without any location filters. I’m expecting the planning work sheet to show me (if the requirement is greater than the sum of the quantities, at the various locations) what I still need to purchase. Currently it either shows no components to purchase (even though it should) or considers only one location if I set all the above switches. My understanding, based on the Help file for “Use Forecast on Locations”, is Navision will look at all locations when running MRP/MPS.

Hi, NAvision use only one location for components during MRP calculation. You should setup this location in the Mfg. Setup window. If you need different logic you need change codeunit 99000809 function Transfer Bom. You need replace Line: PlanningComponent.“Location Code” := MfgSetup.“Components at Location”; with new logic you want to use. PlanningComponent.Description := BomComponent[Level].Description; Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Thanks Valentin for you fast response We are currently trying our best not to get into any kind of customization no mater how small (this maybe wishful thinking). So it was suggested that we use one Master Location and use bins within this Master Location to separate our various inventories. Sounded pretty logical, so I did some tests but found that no matter what I do the MRP/MPS only looks at the Master Location and seems not to drill down to the various bins located within this location where the actual component inventory is held. If I put the inventory into the Master Location (not in a bin) MRP/MPS works just fine. When I put the inventory in a bin inside the Master Location MRP/MPS just does not see it. The Item Availability screen (when filtered by location) shows the sum of the various bins as the total quantity on hand. When I filter by Bin it shows the quantity in that bin. Throughout the help files it clearly states that inventory can be kept in a multitude of bins within a given location. I feel I’m missing the simplest thing even after checking each set-up screen many times. What am I missing? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Julian

Unfortunately Navision uses the “Bin Code” field the same way as “Location Code” field. It is directly the same logic. It means you need few modifications. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.