MRP: Item Level is incorrect for item AX2012


The MRP log is logging hundreds of records for “Item level is incorrect for item” xxx. Could someone please assit me in understanding what MRP may not be happy with?

Also i would like to know if this is the BOM Level, or is there potentially another concept of “Item Level”?

Below is a partial from the MRP log.

Item number: 5822
Dimension No.: 000070
Number: 001718330
Item level is incorrect for item 5822
Item level is incorrect for item 5822
Dimension No.: 000073
Number: 002297741
Item level is incorrect for item 5314
Item level is incorrect for item 6112
Item level is incorrect for item 5822

Greatly appreciate any help.


In Inventory and Warehouse under Periodic and BOM you have a routine called “Recalculate BOM Levels” - run this. Are you importing items directly rather than manually creating them? The whole planning engine goes from the lowest low level code up to plan replenishments, so if the level is incorrect it will cause serious issues. This may help with your plan deletion post as well. Let us know.

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your post.

We have bulk imported our items directly, though adding new ones manually.

We will run the recalculate and see if that brings things into line.


As you have bulk imported them the low level code could not have been correct unless you calculated it on import relating to any BOM structure import, hopefully it will resolve the issue :slight_smile:

I have just had the same issue. Mine related to BOMs which were manually created rather than imported. I found when running the forecast scheduling I got the same messages.

The solution is to check that there is a cost associated with the items.

Hi Adam, we migrated from AX 2009 to AX 2012 R2 last year.

As other guys we bulk impoted our items and BOM structure to this version.

Now we are trying to run the MRP, but we are having the same issues about " incorrect Item Level"

In fact we already recalculated the BOM as you mentioned.

I want to ask you if finally there is a solution?

The only solution is to reset the level and then investigate each individually or get a developer to debug the code.

Hello again!

Adam, what do you mean with “RESET”?

  • Update data via SQL? or
  • is there a specific function in AX to do this?



In Inventory and Warehouse under Periodic and BOM you have a routine called “Recalculate BOM Levels” - run this.

If you do it in SQL it will not work in all probability.

Hi, Adam.

I create items from code due BOM uploading procedure. You solution works, but it need to be done again and again to resolve - message again occurs at the next production order. And problem occurs only with one type of items (parts of BOM lines). May be, this items need some additional setup?

You would need to call the low level code calculation the creation of a new released product gets when it is created and when it is attached to a BOM. AX does this automatically, and then copies the BOM to the production order. You need to call the code in your BOM uploading procedure.