MRP error:Forecast

Standard Func tionality. In a live environment you would already have manufactured or actioned this in advance, so past forecasts are ignored. The system would have tried to balance this in May, any fall out from not having made enough would be seen now and would be planned now, and in the future Julys forecast is planned. If you took June it would have to back balance all histotical forecasts, so you could get a suggestion to make something for 14/04 on 06/06 - what would be the point?

Dear Adam/World,
1.I have doubt here.
Please refer to first screen shot of sales forecast.Highlighing the June Forecast.
The date of forecast is 1st june (which is in past…reason for reported problem)
The metod is Period per 31 days, Unit=Days.
The “End” date for this setup as 31/06/2011.
So dont you think that the forecast for June should be considred in the net requiremtnt calculation…as the end date is 31/06/2011 which is a future date???

2.IF you still fill its a standard functionality then probably we have to go
for weeekly forecating & run the plan only on day which is not in past in sale forecats…right???

  1. No. I would not want any historical forecast considered, I would have considered it in advance of the current run, if I chose to ignore it the last thing I want it to do is to tell me to make something I have already decided not to.

In the setup of your forecast you are telling the system for June to have everything ready for June 1st, not that common, most see this in buckets and would have weekly forecasts, if monthly it would traditionally be end of month to give sales time to balance the sales, but this does not work in short lead time businesses, but then rarely does making a months product in advance of the month, not JIT or Lean, so then you go to where you put the forecast, where it comes from, who uses it etc etc.

  1. It would mean you would plan for June 8th if you ran it today but not June1st. Still arguably wrong depending upon lead times, you would probably get a future message pushing it out and impacting on the forecast for June 15th. Rarely have I seen a flat monthly forecast actually be used. A 10 product box shifter perhaps - everyone else it is product by product and different every time. Not to mention it comses from sales so is 25% inflated anyway!

I am bit confused by last answer.

Can you please tell me in simple words:
If I have forecast for current month (Forecast date= start of month & END=last date of month,Period=days,PER=31)the how it can be included in th net requirements calculations if I run the MRP in any date of current month?

I want to run MRP on weekly basis.So instead of month if I forecast for week …& run MRP only of start of week then problem will be solved…do you agree?