MRP and MPs.

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I gone through the manufacturing manual .

I could not understand the what is exact difference between MRP and MPs.

could any body explain with example .

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MPS - give requirements for the items in the lowest level

MRP - gives requirements for all levels

So if Item A is produced by Item B and C. If you run MPS, it gives requirements for A. If you run MRP and MPS together, it gives requirements for A, B, C.


I want to add something :NAV work with a Manufacturing-SCM method called MRP2 (MRPII) : Manufacturing Ressources Planning.

LLC : Low Level Code : Item A is the Finished Good so it has an LLC =0.

Item B is a component of A : so it has an LLC(B) = LLC(A)+1 =1

Item C is a component of B : LLC(C) = LLC(B)+1=2 (Important : If C is also component of another Item X having LLC=5 so C is updated with LLC =5+1=6 : that’s the Low Level Code of Item C.

That’s Levels used in MRP2.

MPS : Master Production Schedule : runs on Items having an LLC=0. (Item A)

MRP :Material Requirement Planning : runs on Items having an LLC >=1(Item B and Item C).