MR installation


After going thru lot of docuemnts. for the error in installign MR which comes with dynmaics ax 2012 r3.


I downloaded MR 2012 CU12, when i try configuring … got two errors :

Database configuration: The selected database doesn’t appear to be a Management Reporter database. Select a different database.

An unexpected error occurred while attempting to connect to the ERP database. Check the configured database server and name. Details about the error can be found in your deployment log.

Under: Dynamics (with data mart) connection info details…

Under DB name - I gave instance name

based on forume…I check the query SELECT DB_NAME() AS DataBaseName…it returns as “master”.

Do I need to seelct “master” or I should change to “DynamicsAX” where I want to install.


error showing the database should be MR database, may be you are passing the AX databse at the time of MR, let the setup create new database at the time of MR database. dont select existing database setup for MR DB

Greetings, Thanks Mr. Kunal.

With SqlServer 2012 … with Dynmaics Ax 2012 r3 ==> MR successful.

I tried with SqlServer 2014 with Dynamics AX 2012 r3 ==> MR not successful.

After going thru some soliutiosn, got to know that MR setup in Dyanmics aX 2012 r3 will not work…So, I downloade MR 2012 CU12 and CU13.

Finally, I managed to install CU13.

Thanks for your support.