Moving to SQL from Native?


Appreciate your feedback on the following:

Moving from Native to SQL DB what things we must be aware of ? What IT users must know? Basic and advanced matter?


There is a lot of information that could be added to this question. Basic information would be the specific setup of the SQL Server so that NAV performs well. Things such as making sure you have a dedicated SQL Server. Make sure you are on latest build of SQL if possible which would be SQL 2008 R2 with Service Packs and Updates. Setup and Configuration depends on how many users, but many things are pretty standard and we have a real nice guide to many setups on our blog site, here is a specific document you can download by going to bottom of the post and downloading the .pdf file:

More advanced topics would be for fine tuning, having to modify indexes or add new indexes for performance reasons, especially if you have any customizations or third party software added. Much of the advanced information would be based on the size of the database and number of users you are going to have. It would be very important to work with your partner so that the transition is smooth and that NAV performs well for you based on the SQL Server Setups. IT must be sure to setup nightly Statistics updates and Weekly index rebuild/reorganize Jobs as to keep the SQL database performance optimal. I could go on for hours on what to do, but please look at the above link, and work with a partner that is familiar with setting up NAV with SQL Server.