Moving from legacy ERP to AX 2012 with items/inventory/ledger balances

Hello, we are planning to use AX 2012 from Jan 1st 2013 and are currently setting up the AX 2012. We would like to know what is the best way to bring the balances and inventory items so we can start using the system.

1). We have over 3000 items and about 100+ BoMs. We are planning to import the ledger balances. We are importing the products and BoMs but not sure how we can import the inventory item quantities and balances?

2). from what I understand, it is not a good idea to bring the open transactions in to the new ERP. However, how could we know for e.g. that an item A has 20 quantities on hand and the balance is say $500k. Is it a good idea to import the inventory journals? if so, are they open transactions? I am planning to use DMF beta 2.0

Another question related to moving from Dev to production server. we don’t have a dedicated staging server (and use Dev as a staging server).

3). We currently use sandbox as a means to test our sales/purchasing/production scenario.

I have a development server where we configure AX 2012 based on the scenario we test in the Sandbox. Once after I import the Master / Reference data, we plan to run transactions - procure to pay, order to cash, production orders etc.,

  1. how could we move the configuration/master/reference data from Dev to Production server?

  2. how could we import the GL balances and / or inventory balances in the production server? New transactions will be created in the production server starting jan 1st. But how could I verify the settings/configuration in the production server before hand, so that it is ready for us to use?

Many thanks

Any help from anyone? Appreciate your feedback

Many thanks

Have you talked to your partner?

You import the opening stock balances as a stock journal - movement generall, and post this. It is a very good idea to bring in your opening balances with costs - not sure who advised you on the fact it is a bad idea!

You move the configuration and master data by taking a backup prior to transactions being run and restore the backup.

GL balances are posted through a general journal.

You validate the production server by running user acceptance testing and training - noting and updating the base for configuration changes - depending how you ring fence your master build.