Move Log File of Dynamics AX


i have some questions

1 - Tell me the DB name which i need to move from one folder to another folder ?

2 - What will be the effect occur in dynamics ax 's DB log files to another folder ?

Basically in my client’s system log files of dynamics ax is stored in different drives i want to place these in same one drive tell me the procedure to do this.

What do you mean by “system log files of dynamics ax”. Transaction logs of SQL Server?

yes transaction log of sql server

Well, it doesn’t really have much to do with AX; AX knows nothing such implementation details of SQL Server.

Regarding “Tell me the DB name which i need to move”, it’s completely up to you. We don’t know what you need. If you want to modify a database for a certain AOS but you don’t know which database it is, look into configuration of AOS or open System administration > Inquires > Database > Database information inside AX GUI.

We can’t tell you much about the effect, because we don’t know anything about your storage. If you move it to a more appropriate storage than where it is now, you may get better performance, reliability or whatever you’re trying to achieve. But if you move at a worse place, you’ll make things worse. If you now have a dedicated disk for each log and you put them o a single disk, you can expect significant performance degradation, because the head will be jumping between different files. But it may be completely acceptable some development boxes or so.