More detailed item description?

Moin: By default in NAVISION an item has two lines of description. Especially for more detailed offers that´s not sufficient. What´s the best way to provide more information for an item? Would be nice to have more than these two lines with 30 chars each. Regards Uwe

Additional texts can be entered for each item in T279/280 (Extended Text Header/Line). On the Item Card choose Button: Item, Extended Texts (German: Artikel Zusatztexte) and make sure that the “Automatic Ext. Texts” Flag is set to yes. Expanding the Item Description from 30 to 50 or more characters is quite tricky. You have to keep in mind that all related text-fields in other tables would also have to be expanded. Such as the description in T32, T83, all purchase and order tables (T37,39,111,113,115,121,123,125) and all fincancial tables (T17, 21, 25, 81) I don’t even think that this list of 14 tables is complete! Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

You must modify variables in forms 39, 70000036, 255, 254, …, and Codeunit 230.

Remember also to check the reports where the variable changed is used… as a usual error when changing sizes to descriptions and so it’s having a report where you got a text variable that it’s asigned by the changed field… and when having on that field more chars than on the variable… example: MyDescription Text: 30; MyDescription := Customer.Description; // it will crash in long descriptions… // 2 available aproachs: // MyDescription := COPYSTR(Customer.Description,1,30); // or MyDescription Text 50… – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Why change anything?? You have the Extended Text functionality, which will give you an unlimited number of text lines for each item. /Lars