More descriptive headings for reports Nav 2009

All our report headings are very basic.

We have 6 companies runing off one database so when I run a report on X company I need to clearly see it is from X company. Is there an easy way to achieve this by company? Thanks Andy

have you tried adding a field to the header of the report with source of COMPANYNAME ?

As in the standard nav reports.

No I haven’t checked this out as I’m not sure how to do it.

Do I go to Tools> Object designer> and then what? The report is Trail Balance and some others. Thanks Andy

this is standard in nav. are these custom reports? Just check out the other reports.

If you’re not sure how to get to the report - you need to, at minimum, read the application designers guide that comes with the product cd - also downloadable from the web.

Tools->Object Designer->pick your report->design

from there you can see the data items and view->sections amongst other thing. THe ADG is your friend…check it out.