Mohmmed Sha India(Cochin)

I am Mohammed Sha working in Microsoft technologies for last 8 years

I involved in implementation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV ERP in SFO Technologies(An electronic manufacturing Company).Responsible for all new users requirements and technical leadership. Besides mentoring new people I was responsible also for functional and technical designs, testing, QA, development, release and support. I was also responsible for administration of

SQL SERVER database.

hi Mohammed[:)]

Welcome On Aboard…

where in cochin?..because 'm an malu too [:)] glad to finally meet 1 here [:)]

I am working in SFO Technologies(Nest) kakanad .Where is ur place?

mmmm i see!..'m basiaclly from Ernakulam [:)]

Nice to meet a Navigirl [:)] from Cochin.How long was u in Navision field.

Hmmm begin nearly 6 months i would say…started in Feb…very very very junior to you [:)]

Hi , Mohammed

Happy to see you here . I am working with NAV since the last 2 years and also in cochin.We can share our ideas with pleasure.

Nice to meet u here where are u working?

In which Compnay U are working?

Hmmm in Bangalore ITTI company [:)]

I am working with Glob Solutions

Me working with glob solutions

Globe solutions is it in Cochin ?