Module Status access in Periods Screen

We have found that changing the Module Status to None for a specific date is not shutting off entry access for that date and that module. Anyone else found this and have a solution for fixing this?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Sandy,

Are you using Ax 3.0? Did you try setting up the user group as well? If my memory serves me correctly this was a known issue in ver 2.5.

Best wishes,

Hi Harish,

Yes I am using Ax 3.0. We did try the User Groups as well. What we are finding is in order to shut off access to Payment Journal or Invoice Journals in AP you have to set Ledger to None or User Group which also shuts off access to Journals in GL. What the end user is saying that in the past they could just shut off access to just APs functions and leave GL alone. But it appears that does not work now. I was not here when the company was using 2.5 but they say it worked then.

Any help is appreciated.