Module for Service Management and Project Management and Accounting

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Good day!

Is anyone here have a module or link on how to use Project Management and Accounting

and Service Management in AX 2012 R2 ?

because i want to study and learn the used of this two module.

hoping for you kind and consideration to this matter.

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Do you have access to partnersource/customersource or the Dynamics Learning Portal?

sorry, i don’t have

That is where all of the official learning material is i am afraid. You could consider buying books on the subjects?

oh no ! :frowning:

is there any way?

Search the web for where people have broken the agreement with Microsoft and published material only intended for customer and patrner consumption.

There is some documentation over technet, (this may help you to an extent)…/hh242752.aspx…/hh208509.aspx

I can send you materials if I have your email

tnx kranti

Quick question …

what is the use and where do i use service management …?

Thank you!

hi dare,

here’s my email.