Modifying Posted Sales Credit Memo Header

I have a problem regarding modifying Posted Sales Credit Memo Header. I have introduced a field “Commissionable”(Boolean Type) in Sales Cr. Memo Header table. The field is non editable and placed that field on the Posted Sales Credit Memo Header Form. Also placed code on a menu item in Functions to modify the field. I am using developer licence and its working fine but with customer’s Licence the error comes like ‘you cannot modify the table contact your system administrator’. What should I Do.

You can modify the permissions of the object you use to change the credit memo. Every Navision object can have separate permissions that overrule the userpermissions. have a look at cu. 12 for example.

You must place the function in an object which has permissions for the Table 114 Sales Credit Memo Header. Then the Users running this function must be assigned Indirect permissions to Sales Cr.Memo Header. Look at Codeunit 316 Sales Cr. Memo-Printed in order to get an idea.

Thanks for Reply Mark & nelson. i will keep your thoughts in my mind. thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

Better is just to put your function into codeunit 316, and then the permissions are automatically handled. Assuming that the same person that prints a credit memo can also make these changes.

Thanks Buddy I wrote a function on CU316 and it worked.

I know that Navision rcommend creating new functions, but doing it this way not only helps form the coding side, but also helps when setting user permissions. I also think that its OK to break the rules some times if you know you are breaking them and know why you should or shouldn’t it like…