Modifying Form 27 Vendor List....

Dear Brothers,

I am modifiyng one "Form 20 General Entries" (Table - G/L Entry) in this form there in one column field “Source - no” by clicking on this column field it take the user on to another form “Form 20 Vendor List” (Table - Vendor).

Every time end user requires some data from form 20 he copies and paste the data into excel and he has to replace manually the “Source - no” field with Vendor name.

? Now is is possible to display an extra Linked field called “Name” from table “Vendor” to “Form 20” itself so that is will save the time of end user.
? If possible how to do that…(i.e. how to call Table Vendor to C/AL Symbol menu and add record field Name to it)

Thanks in advance…

Actually, be aware that in the field “Source No.” there can be a Customer No, Vendor No, Bank Account No. or Fixed Asset No. (depends on the souce type).

So, I wouldn’t create a new column “Vendor No”, but “Source Name”.

On AfterGetRecord, you could write some code to check the source Type, and get the name in the right table (Customer, Vendor,…).

Am I making sense?

Dear Bro… Thanks, for valuable suggestions…

Actually i just wants to display the “Vendor Name” field column in Form 20 in which
"Source No" field column is linked to Vendor table.

So basically i want to include that Table record in Form 20 and want to call recordset “Vendor Name”, in a new column called “Vendor Name” but i dont know how to do that ?

It’s not so difficult.

Go in design of that form.

  1. Add a Variable: txtVendorName

  2. Add a Text box in that table (you’ll see you get a new column)

  3. Set the SourceExpression to txtVendorName

  4. OnAfterGetRecord (form level), if source type is vendor, get the vendor name and put it in txtVendorName.


But i am unable to see C/AL Code - C/AL Globals in Form Designer, but i can view these two options in report designer…
That means we have limited license for editing form in navision…

Any other way round to do it ?? through symbol menu etc…


It seems u do not have form design permission in licence. In such situation, there is not work around…u need to get in touch with ur NSC…

If you don’t have a developer license you can’t edit C/AL Code. If your license allows you to add fields to standard tables you could add a new lookup flowfield I don’t remember exactly what you can do with customer’s license without solution developer granule.

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