Modify attachments of interaction log

Hi, it seems to be impossible to modify attachments stored in the database (embedded) via the interaction log. Whenever I open an attachment, it is opened in WORD for example as write-protected. I can obvioulsy then save it as a Word file on disk, but Navision does not seem to carry the modification in the attachment. In the online documentation it is written that attachments can be modified and the modification is carried forward to Navision. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hi Markus I have not really done much in the interaction area, but you can edit the attachment to an interaction “template”, if you open it from the interaction template screen and modify it you are asked if you want to import the attachment, this then means the next time you create an interaction using this template it takes the modified document. Where the document is already imported as an interaction it will not modify and I am unsure if you can. The Interaction Log Entries show how you interated at the time, so you would not want the base document attaced to the template overwriting these. It sort of makes sense that you cannot edit these as they are a record of how you interacted. I have had a play and cannot edit these, as you say they are “read only”. Which part of the help are you reading, to do with the templates or the log entries?

Hi Steven, You definitely cannot change attachments after they have been merged and attached to an Interaction log entry. Only from the template itself, as you are saying. But I do not fully agree with your point of view, and think that an end user should be able to choose if he wants attachments to be modified after registering (i.e. someone created a letter, and after printing and reviewing it has to be modified). An extra parameter in CRM setup ‘Allow attachments to be changed’ would be an interesting option. We are facing the same problem as Markus, so if there is someone out there with a solution, he’s welcome!

Hi Michiel Sorry I was agreeing with the need to alter it, just never wrote it down! and of course I have not really played in this area so I was not sure if I was missing something. However I can see why Microsoft would design it this way, to prevent alteration of the communication after the event. Lets put it this way they would consider it an “enhancememt request” rather than a bug [:D]

Thanks guys. I guess it is not a bug, but a deeply missing feature. Take for instance the case that you have sent a document in WORD (embedded in Navision) and you need to alter it and send it again. I would very much register this altered Document as a new attachment, but in order for me to alter it I should be able to do open the exisiting one, alter it and then save it as a new one. Now I can only use copy-paste strategy. [}:)]