Modify a report

I am editing the Grant Summary Report w/ Prodbudg (or Account Schedule by Dimension). I wanna break a line/ into several lines, for example, in the Expenses part:

Salaries and wages (5000…5010)
I wanna break it into as follows:
Salaries and wages (5000…5005) and (5007…5009)
Retro SW (5006)
Stip (5010)

Is there a way to do it? Please advice. Thanks!

The report you are printing is actually using an account schedule that has been set up, you need to modify that underlying account schedule.

You should be able to get to it from

Financial management menu → General ledger folder → Analysis & Reporting folder click on account schedule from there.

this is the frame work the account schedule report will be using, you will likely have several different account schedules to choose from, once you find the appropriate schedule, you are going to add a few lines to the bottom, for the extra detail you want.

there will be an existing line already defined for Salaries and wages (5000…5010) change this line to have the new account range you want. And use the same format for the next two lines you want to add.

hope this helps

Thanks, it works fine!!! Thanks for your great help! :slight_smile:

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