Model Configuration - XML Import error

Hello there

I am attempting to insert an XML file into the configuration section of AX. I am getting this error. Can anyone please tell me what it means?




I’m sorry, I didn’t get what you’re doing. Could you please explain what you mean by “the configuration section of AX”? And what’s the overall goal? Which version of AX are you talking about? (Please always attach a tag with AX version).

I am using the product configuration within AX 2012 R3, I am exporting the model from this, opening it in notepad++, adding data into this file, saving it, then importing it. If you could explain what this error means that would be incredibly helpful.

Just an update to clarify. If I export an empty model, then import it again straight away. It comes up with this error. There is nothing wrong with the coding at all, it is to do with the system.



Changing a model file in a text editor is a really bad idea. Please try a better way: How to: View or Change the Manifest Properties of a Model.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I am not changing a model, I am creating one using dummy data. I am attempting to preform a load test to see if the configurator will be able to handle my companies product. For example, our average model uses 800 attributes. Can this approach create new attributes etc?



Aha, sorry, we’re talking about different meaning of “model”. Can you give us a sample file you’re using?

Sure thing,

4087.CobraTest - Load V6.33.xml (7.3 MB)

Does this work?

The problem is, if I extract any model (even a blank model) it gives that error. Has anyone any ideas on why that is?

I’m unable to import your file because of some failing validations, but it probably has a valid reason.

Exporting a product model and importing it back works fine for me. Don’t you have any customization there? Can’t you get a developer to find what code throws the error ‘The value “” is not found in the map’?