Mode of Delivery; Sales Orders

Hello Experts,

Can mode of delivery be specified for each sales order line? For example, when customer orders 3 items (TV, DVD player and computer) and wants to ship TV at home, pick up computer at the register and have DVD on a backorder or whatever you can think of. Can i specify mode of delivery for each sales order line or not?

What is your suggestion?

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Well, of course i can specifiy mode of delivery for each sales order line. Duh.

But once i create packing slip, can i show all 3 items with mode of delivery for each sales order line under one packing slip?


Can anybody explain in Detail Please

What actually is the question here?

Hi Bee

yes you can have different delivery modes for the different lines in a sales order.

For example you can send the TV to the house, pick up the DVD player up in store by using “customer pick up” and use a delivery mode called “specific day” to send computer to another address on a specific date.

As long as these have been setup in Procurement and sourcing, and if using R3 you need to set up which products can be delivered, addresses that can be used and which channels can use those delivery modes.

Hope this helps?

To add to this is long as you have set up the carriers in transport management you will be able to use the different modes on the different lines of the sales order. Note that these cant be changed once the shipment has been waved in to the warehouse.