Mobile Phone Number Field in Navision


Is it possible to move the mobile phone number field in Navision on to the General Tab rather than having it in the contact information which is accessed via the drop down menu.

How easy is it to change and how can it be done?


What form/page are you referring to?

It depends on if you have Form Designer in your license or not. If you don’t you’ll have to get your NAV Partner to do it. It’s about as easy of a change as you can do.

Hi Rob,

The above task is not complex, but I am not sure if the end-user license will have permission for doing this or not.

If your navision version is prior to NAV2009, then you need to make change in form no. 5050 (Contact Card or any other on which you want to change, for NAV2009 make the changes in Pages also), press Ctrl+F2,

check if the system allows you or gives any error?

If it allows, then copy the mobile no. control and label from 2nd tab and paste on first tab.


If you go to customer tab at the bottom of the page

then chose contact then the communication tab this is where the mobile number is.

Do you need me to send you a screen shot?



We have form, object and naviagtion designer on the tools menu



You are referring to Contact Card, go to

Tools>> Object Designer >> Form >> 5050 then press Design at bottom of the page.

And read my previous reply for further processing.

Yeah, it’s a simple drag and drop. Remember that if you make this change while users are logged in that they meed to close NAV and reopen in order to see the change.