Mobile App - Setup of Dynamics NAV

I have a problem to connect Service in my Android Mobile App Dynamics NAV. I have already done all 6 steps of this link (…/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2016-how-to.html) from Saurav Dhyani but I cannot understand after 6th step How to connect and install in my mobile phone. Please help me in details after six steps. How to setup web client and How to connect in my Mobile to access from Computer Server. When I open my mobile app and input service name i.e. servercomputername/Server Instance Name/
after press enter then show error in my mobile i.e. Could not connect to the server.

When I open sign in page by webpage i.e. servercomputername/…/SignIn.aspx
then open Welcome to Dynamics NAV page and when I input User Name : Mobileuser and set password and click on Sign in then after sometimes show “A server error has occurred, and the content cannot be displayed. Refresh the page or open a new browser window.”

I am waiting for your reply in details steps after 6th.


  1. If all steps followed from 1 To 4 then you should be able to connect to RTC with username password. Is that working?
  2. After step 5 First we need to configure and test the web client. I think that is not working.

Could you please first confirm that Windows client is working or not?

It able to connect to RTC with username password in my pc but not connect to server in my android phone and webpage.

Ok Sir,
So it seems there is some missing during setup with web client may be on IIS.
I need to have a look before suggesting anything.

But Please Check -
Step 4 -Configure the Web Client With Credential Type NavUserPassword.
Step 5 - Configure the Web Server For Web , Tablet & Phone Client.

Are these setup correctly.

Hello Sir ,
I have configure all setup step by step correctly but till now the same issue.

Are you using a self-signed certificate or a “true” SSL certificate?

Yes I am using Self-signed certificate.

Then you need to download and manually “import” the signature file to the device before you can use the client.
I have no experience in how to do that on an Android (I’m a Windows Phone user of course) - but I guess its just as easy. Open the file with via a normal url-link, import and save it.