Missing transaction lines on Purchase order - product receipt. AX 2012 CU3

Hi all,

I have the following problem. When creating a purchase order and receiving the items, I only get two voucher lines when checking the Product Receipt journal. This means that I only get the transaction in company currency and not in the purchasing currency.

The first picture shows what it should look like and the second one is what I get in my system. The company is running AX 2012 - CU3. As one can see on my screen dumps there is no EUR line on my transaction as there are lines in USD on the correct transaction.

Are there some settings in the system that has been missed when setting it up? I guess that it is due to this problem we have problems with the invoice matching transactions. Can this be correct? Because when looking at the subledger before posting the invoice matching, it looks correct. When checking the audit trail - voucher after, it is incorrect.

All kind of help on this problem is very much appreciated.

BR Annika

Why is it incorrect? At the point of hitting your ledger it HAS to be in your home currency, AX handles this then through exchange rate and loss settings and revaluation.


Please check your Vendor currency setup and PO currency setup. which one is your default currency?

I only get the transaction in company currency and not in the purchasing currency. … what does it mean? purchasing currency is differ from your company currency? if so what secondary currency you mentioned at company? please check that too.


Thanks for your reply,

It doesn’t have to be incorrect but when later trying to match the invoice we end up not getting VAT postings on domestic orders & no posting on account payable (that later will go against bank when paying). Insted of having the transactions named as correct booking in the button of the screen dump, I get the 1400 and 2455 transaction when matching. This example is from a domestic invoice where VAT should have been calculated.


Vendor currency is EUR and company currency is SEK (swedish krona), this means that we would receive an invoice in EUR to match against the purchase order. When comparing to a working company setup, they have 4 lines on the purchase order - product receipt voucher transaction, as seen in my screen dump (If the vendor would have been Swedish all 4 lines would have be in SEK.)

But when executed in this company only two lines are shown on the purchase order - product receipt voucher transaction. I don’t know if this is a feature in CU3 or if I have missed something crucial when setting up the company. When comparing with other companies’ setup, it looks correct, but I might have missed some tick-box or something else.

Sorry you will have to explain this to me, the invoice comes in in EUR and you find the related order, add the invoice, use the matching process in AX and everything is fine.

The receipt entries do not have VAT they are the product element, for costing and GRNI, not includive of VAT because it is not a financial transaction that can be reported as V AT. If you are trying to calculate a VAT liability in advance of the financial transaction you would need to calculate the VAT.

What are you actually doing here?