Missing timesheet report

I have a missing timesheet report that needs to run every week (every tuesday of the week to give records for the previous week) and every first tuesday of the month (to give records for the previous month). I am working in AX 2012 in the Project management and accounting module. This is what the dialog looks like. Please let me know if someone help me. I’m really stuck. dialog.PNG

Hey ShoebAhmed,

Could you provide some additional information here? Are you having problems with the output of the report not being what you were expecting, or are you having problems scheduling it to run when you want it to?

Also, I’ve updated your post to include some tags and a little clearer title. Hope that helps more people find it and respond!


Yes, do you have problems to run this report?

Thanks for the update Jake. I am having difficulty deciding how to schedule it. It has to run on every tuesday returning the records for the previous week (mon-sat) and on the first tuesday of every month returning the records of the entire previous month.


I looked at this and unfortunately, that’s not the way this report works. When it runs, it looks at the date you entered and gives you all the timesheets after that that are missing. Also, since it has a date picker control, it doesn’t allow you to enter a dayrange variable or anything

As far as scheduling it, if you need it to run on two different recurrence patterns, you need to submit it to batch twice. Submit one batch job to run weekly and submit one to run once every first Tuesday of the month.

Why don’t you just run the report with an arbitrary date, like Jan 1 2017. If a timesheet is missing from last month, why would you want it to fall of the report, anyways?


You are right Jake, even i found similar results researching it. I would be grateful if you could guide me on the scheduling part of your advice. I’m real new to this, and i don’t know how to schedule it. Could you give me any leads and pointers on where exactly should i be making the change and what would be that change.

and yea it’s a valid point on selecting the arbitrary date to not miss any of the missing timesheets, but again that’s a part of the requirements and they are okay with it.
I look forward to your help in the scheduling.
Thanks for responding Jake

Hey Shoeb,

The scheduling I’m talking about is controlled by the batch processing engine of AX. Here’s a link that explains what batch processing is:


In your case, when you click the “Batch” tab in the report generation dialog box, you want to make sure to click the “recurrence” button. This will open up another dialog that will allow you to select a recurrence pattern - just like you can do in outlook for a recurring meeting.

To make the job run once a month on the first Tuesday, select the fields as shown:

After you’re done with this, click OK, ensure the “Batch processing” checkbox is checked, and submit the batch job to the batch server. This job will now be scheduled.

Similarly, you’ll have to do the exact same tasks to schedule a separate recurrence pattern for the weekly reports you need.

Again, do this in TEST first and make sure it meets your needs.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much Jake, that solved my issue.