missing timesheet report


When using the missing timesheet report: Click Home > Reports > Timesheets > Missing timesheets, I always get the following information: “there is no data available”. When looking deeper into this, I also notice that the TmpProjMissingHourReg table is empty.

However, We are able to fill in timesheets, so there should also be data in the missing timesheet reports.

Does anybody know if I have to fill in extra parameters, so the report will show any data?

Thank you in advance


Hi Dimitri,

it sems TmpProjMissingHourReg table is a temporary table, you can not any data in the temporary table.

see in which table you are inserting the data(timesheet).




I tried running this report in standard AX 2012 CU2 and it works fine.

Are there any changes in your environment around this area? Also try forward compiling SRSReportDataProviderBase class.

Hey Dimitri,

Seems to have good support from the team. This undoubtedly is appreciable. I know about Replicon’s timesheet which is such an easy to use solution that has an easy to use calendar view for requesting and viewing time offs. Lots of flexibility and power that is easy to configure backed by great customer support.[:)]