Missing Number of Series (Posted Sales Cr. Memo)

What is the causing for missing the No. of Series when posting (Sales Credit Memo)? We have odd situation where the No. of Series were missing and the number of series is skipped.

The funny thing is the numbers and posting date messing up; the records posted on August (CR18433) are having the less No. of Series than the record posted on July (CR18450).

The following are the records I grabbed from the system (Sorted it by No). The missing numbers are CR18434…CR18439; CR18441…CR18444; CR18446…CR18448.





This in generally happens when you post a document.
It takes a new posted document-no. Saves it in the table and then does a COMMIT. This to release the No. series table.
If after that an error occurs when posting, the number is reserved but doesn’t exist yet. If you then leave the document without posting or deleting (If you delete it, Navision says it has to create a 0-invoice or Creditmemo to keep the noseries ok) it, the number does not appear in the posted documents.
If you later post that document, it creates the missing no.

I am also thinking this way; the User got an error then deleting the CM eventually.

What about the number of Series on August is less than July? We always lock the posting range every month end.



Or there is some customization that avoids the block on the date or (and more likely) someone has changed posting-range to post the invoice and then put the posting-range back.

What are your settings in the Posted Credit Memo No. table? Can you copy and show both the No. Series and Line for posted Credit memos?

I am assuming this is not an issue with posted sales invoices.

When you try to delete a document that has a number pre-assigned the document will still get posted but the line will say deleted document.

I am sorry John, I don’t get what settings.


These are the Credit Memo Lines:

Document No. Line No. Type No. Description Quantity Unit Price
CR18433 10000 G/L Account 420100 EARLY PYT DISCOUNT 1 920.35
CR18433 20000 Item WILL APPLY TO INV 0 0
CR18433 30000 Item -137248/49/50/51/139456 0 0
CR18433 40000 Item -139457/460/462/463/465/466/467 0 0
CR18433 50000 Item -139468/69/70/71/72/73/74//139544 0 0
CR18433 60000 Item -139698/99/139700/701/703/705/706 0 0
CR18433 70000 Item -139707/708/709/139717/719- 0 0
CR18433 80000 Item CH# 1233850—$$28,039.15 0 0
CR18433 90000 Item —EARLY DISCOUNT—789.01 0 0
CR18433 100000 Item —R66165451—87.56 0 0
CR18433 110000 Item —R66165633—43.78 0 0
CR18433 120000 Item TOT ==789.01++87.56++43.78===920.35 0 0
CR18440 10000 G/L Account 625140 REBATE IN 2005 1 18,413.92
CR18440 20000 G/L Account TOTAL SALES IN 2005-$ 368,278.41 0 0
CR18440 30000 G/L Account =TOTAL REBATE–5% X 368,278.41==$18,413.92 0 0
CR18445 5000 G/L Account 114100 REINSPECTION FEE 1 672.5

sorry i didn’t explain what i was looking for correctly. I was looking for the field values in the no. series table and no series line for the posted credit memo posting no. series.

Do you have numbers missing in your posted invoices also?

I do not see how there cannot be a document no. missing, even if the posting routine had aborted the posting number would have already been inserted into the document, so if you tried to delete the document later, it would have posted a document anyway. Unless you have a modification to the on-delete trigger of the sales header table, or a modified codeunit 80. The ondelete trigger calls codeunit 80 and checks based upon the document checks if the no. is blank before allowing the delete. Is the unposted credit memo still in the system?

This is the No Series and No Series Line values:

Code Description Default Nos. Manual Nos. Date Order
AR PCM Posted Credit Memos Yes No No

No of Series Line:
Series Code Line No. Starting Date Starting No. Ending No. Warning No. Increment-by No. Last No. Used Open Last Date Used
AR PCM 10000 CR10000 1 CR18536 Yes 8/14/2006


No. It’s only happened to Posted CM.

There is no modification on sales header delete trigger nor codeunit 80.

Yes, there few unposted CM that are not yet posted.



Go to the object designer, and do a run on table 36, filter for document type - Credit Memo

This will list all the current unposted credit memos, scroll accross and find the field Posting No.

Are there any values in these fields?

Hi John,

Thank you for helping me again! [A]

It’s mixed; some with and without values. The one with values contain all the missing numbers that I am searching for. What this suppose to mean?



I thought they woud be there, so once those credit memos are posted the “missing numbers” will be accounted for, even if you delete the documents.

Now for the answer to how they got there, I think there is one of two possibities:

  1. There was an attempt to post the document but not completed. If this is the case then nothing to worry about.

  2. I am trying to think back many years to an issue i had with this, and i was thinking that there was a setting or a combination of settings that would cause posted numbers to get pre-populated. But i cant remmber, maybe someone else can if its true. but since not all of them have pre-populated numbers i am thinking it is 1 above.

I will try to look at the logic to see if i can stir my memory, but i dont think you have to worry about this unless it is causing a stir. If so let me know and i will try to jar my memory a bit faster.

Thank you John,

You are an asset for this community. [Y]


On 2 I also remember something causeing that, but I think it was a bug long ago and long since fixed.

1/ can be caused by a lot of things. For example something as simple as posting date not in range, dimension wrong, Item blocked. Basically anything that would cause an error after pressing F11. Add to that running the Batch post, and you could cause lot of these.

Thank you David.


Thanks Zen. Very nice of you to say.

Thats what this forum is for, to share our common Navision experiences, frustrations and ideas for soulutions. We all benefit from each other.