Missing Item when print "Picking list" in 'Load details' screen

Dear all,

I have a Sales Order with 4 Items, I did confirmed and there are 4 lines in Sales Order confirmation.

When I click “Release to warehouse”, it said that “all Items are have been released to warehouse”

when I open the “Load detail” screen, there are existing 4 lines

But when I click Print → Picking list there are just 3 items, Item in the first line is missing. I don’t know why?

I deleted the first line and open SO to do “Release to warehouse” again, but when I open Load detail and click Print → the Picking list is not enable (it is invisible).

How can I print the picking list for this Item? please share with me

Thank you

No work was created for the item, so you would not be able to pick it - can you screen shot the work details from the sales order for the lines?

Dear AdamRoue,

Thank you for your answer.

I did check the work detail for this error line and there are no record

Dear AdamRoue,

There are enough on-hand inventory, and warehouse is correct.

Could you please advice me some the setup that i should do check on this missing Item?

Thank you

I would suggest you check all of the WMS related elements of the item and if the warehouse is different. So is there a reservation hierarchy for the item, is it in a dimension group enabled for warehouse management etc. AX did not create work which is why it is not pushing through, you now need to find out why. Is the line reserved?

Yes, there are already existing an reservation line for this Sales order.

When I check the On-hand of Location Directive, I found that Physical inventory is enough, but Availble physical is negative.

Is this the problem?

Dear AdamRoue,

I have found the problem already, this because of negative Available physical as above

Thank you a lot for your support :slight_smile: