missing fields in the exported table

Dear All,

Please can you help me to solve this problem? We are using Nav 2009 classical version and I tried to use the data migration functions to export some tables out of one company and have it imported into a new company. When I export the table into xml format , I can see the exported XML file containing all field of the original table. However , when I import it into another company, it returned the message that the data has been succfully imported but actually only the first field of the table has been imported. for example, for the customer contact table, only the contact number has been imported but other field such as name, telphone and etc all went missing.

I then tried to use the Excel format to export/import the table. However, when the table was export, the excel file only show the first field of the table but all other dimensions went missing . For the contact table, I can only find the contact number in the exported Excel file but all other information went missing.

can any one help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance

Michael ZHou

i think Its a coding Issue . Maybe you are Inserting Only Last Record So its Showing , Could You plz Check The Code.

Can you show the code you have written for import/export? Major issue must be in trigger choice and code???

Are the fields missing, or are they just empty?
And did you before using the data migration tools, remember to select the fields to export? In NAV 2009 it only selects the primary field, you have to select the other fields manually.

Hi Raja,

Thanks for your reply but I am not writing code to export but only use data migration as a tool.

Hi Divey,

Thanks for your reply but I am not writing code to export but only use data migration as a tool.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late response. Can you please explain in detail how to select the field when doing the data migration. What I did was just use the data migration function, select the contact table number and then chose "export to Excel ". There seems to be no more options that I can choose.

Look under Migration Fields: