Missing Columns in General Journal - BC/Demo


I am using the trial of Business central cloud and trying to do some examples to the users but I found some of the columns are missing, I tried to add thru the personalize but I cannot find some columns like:

  • Deferral code.
  • Account Type.

can someone help please, I feel now the demo/trial is limited and missing a lot of features! is it right?



I found the filed are available in the Sandbox mode, now how to reflect that in the production?

If you create an extension and put into production it should be visisble

Thanks, please how to achieve that, if you could refer me to articles or tutorials, much appreciated

Hi Mahmoud,

The general journal in BC comes in two editions. The simple view and the NAV view. The simple is the default and only shows a very limited number of columns.

The view with more columns must be enabled first:

No need for any extensions or stuff for this. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

Thanks so much, Mr Erik, always you save my life,

This really works fine.

Many many thanks[emoticon:578cee8aac0e41e9bcef50a2f8d281d5]