Missing 20,000 records in InventTrans table

Dear experts,

I just got the issue today with our system (Microsoft Dynamic AX 2009).

The InventTrans table was interrupted on 15Mar21 and we detected this issue on 20Mar21 when Accountant informed that they can’t post invoice for a purchase order.

After checking and comparing the data on InventTrans and some tables such as VendPackingSlipJour, CustPackingSlipJour, ProdJournalBOM, ProdJournalPro, InventJournalTrans…

I found that we lost about 20,000 records from 15Mar to now.

Currently, our data such as On hand inventory, Net requirements are incorrect and we have to do by manually now.

I tried to copy records from these tables back to InventTrans but I’m not confident about this process (just test on DEV).

Maybe it can work for Quantity but I’m not sure about the physical cost amount and financial cost amount.

So pls help to guide me the process that I can follow to fix this issue.

Thanks a lot for your support,


Do you know something more about the issue?

Were the records deleted at some point (but you can find them in database backups), or they were never created?

Actually, we don’t know the root cause of this issue and we’re still working on this. I checked the backup on 25Mar and found it still was created the records. We plan to copy the data from other tables back to InventTrans table but I’m not confident with this way (Get all needed information from involved tables to complete the full record in InventTrans then insert to it by job code)

Could you pls instruct me if anyway to restore/copy the records to InventTrans table and make sure all connected tables also are updated.


In my opinion, you should go and check out if you have the data in backups or not.

Reconstructing the data sounds very difficult and risky to me. Restoring the data from a backup would be much easier and safer.

If you have a proper backup strategy, you can return to any point in time between 25th March and now, therefore if the data got deleted at some point, you can take from just before this event.