Misposted payment

Two points in reply: First, at this point, our unapply function does not void the payment but simply backs out the apply to that was previously done. If there was no discount given as a result of the apply, there would be no G/L involvement whatsoever. So using our original unapply and your example would require some other action to take place to remove the payment from customer 10000. To put it another way, we are addressing the misapplication action, not the misposting to the wrong customer. That would definately require tracks in the G/L; to that I agree totally. Second, based on the “enthusiastic” response we have received here to my comments, we are changing our enhancement to support the approach several of you have recommended (but we will make the other approach available as an option to the NSC who wants it that way). I really appreciate the inputs you have all given. We realize that even when we think we’re right, we can still learn another good way to address the problem from the helpful people at Navision.Net. And we act based on the good suggestions. If you would like to visit our web site and express an opinion as to which of the possible enhancements on our list you think would be the most valuable for us to plan to work on (go to Software, then New List, then fill out the Survey), your input there would be appreciated too. That’s www.libertyforever.com. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever.com Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

I liked the idea of having two options. Thanks, Satbir

You can unapply entries, but… At first you must find and understand all application related operations: - Payment Discounts (if required) - Exchange Rate Adjustments (for non-LCY operations) - Detailed Cust/Vend Entries (find and remove any Application/Gains/Losses) - Restore “Open” status - track partitial application (or application chains) - Remove any additional G/L entries which depends on application So… Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia