Mismatch in Item Average Cost

I got a purchase item which has the costing method of FIFO with enough inventories in the system.
But the Average Cost (LCY) on the item card shows as “0.00”.
The Unit cost (y) is also far from the Last Direct Cost (z).
But strange enough to me the Standard Cost, Last Direct Cost and the Rolled-up cost is similar (=z).

With the little Financial knowledge (Inventory Costing, may be…) I got, I am unable to figure this out. Can someone help me understanding how can this happen (is it possible…?) and if this is wrong, how to rectify it…?

Have you run Adjust Cost Item Entries?

Yes Adam, I executed the Adjust Item Cost entries. But there’s no change…!

So assuming your cost posting is set to actually post then all you can do is start to drill into the entries and examine them. How are you set to post? What is the costing method on the items?

Costing method is “FIFO”

Did you run “Post Inv.cost to G/L” afterwards? Depending on settings, running ACIE alone is not enough…

What version of the application are using?


I’m running Navision 4.0.

I wonder are there any Inventory Posting setups or G/L setups to be adjusted…? Could that make any differences…?


Not if you have run the batch routines. You need to confirm this, you have not. You also have not told us your costing settings yet.

What do you mean by the Costing Setup? Is it not the costing method of the Item…? If not where can I find it?