Min order Qty, Max Order Qty Issue

Hello All,

I am having one Issue in Product Information Mangt Module in Ax 2012. Issue is: I made an “Item” in product master with its variants,


Item Name : Bearings


Size :1301,5000,1400,1303…and So on…

I want to create the Min order Qty, Max Order Qty and Standard Order Qty ,Value for each and every variant…

Is that possible…!! In Same Item.

It is not possible by variant I believe.

I think it is only possible at Site & Warehouse level to maintain min/max/standard order quantities. Anything beyond which should be customizable.

Thank You Kiran

But If I create the “Product” in Place of “Product master” then I can create its Min Order, Max Order And Re-Order, But in place of “Product Master” can’t we do the same.

Thanks Adam…!!

Is there any other Option for Creating for the same.

Hi Mayur,

For a single product we can enter Min Order, Max Order And Re-Order quantities .But if we create a product master in place of product there is no option of entering its variants i.e size ,color and configuration are not active.

Thank You Sumit…!!

You would need to customize the system.


System is not considering, Min order Qty, or Max Order Qty while using Forecasting or planned order is from Forecast Order

Pls Update

HArdik Patel

Hadrik I suggest you start a new post with screen shots of setup and suggested orders.

I would suggest you look at your item coverage setting and your site specific settings (assuming you have order specific).