Migration of Navision Navition Database into SQL Server 2000

Hello EveryBoddy,

I am trying to Mirgrate my Navision native database into sql 2000… i have just took the backup from the native database and trying to simply restore the database…

I am facing error like…

“TableData 349 does not exist”… what could be the problem ??? can some one help me…

FYI… The database size is 30GB. and 349 is "Dimention Value Table, and I has lots of records in this table…



Try to compile all objects in native client before taking backup and fix any errors.

Before taking backup of native database, compile all objects and run database test. Are you restoring on the same version ?

Moreover you need SQL Migration Tools, run those tools on native database to change invalid dates before taking backup of native database.

Hi Rajib,

I have deleted the data of this table and trying again… restoration is going on… since it is a test database and test envoicement i can affort…

I have downloaded the fieldchecks v3 and checked my database b5 taking the backup… please provide me if you have any other migration tools… or give me some information about that…



It happened to me not long ago. This might not be a solution, but what I did is restore the Application Object first then only I restore the Data (Company and Data Common to All Companies).

I didn’t look for a reason, because I didn’t receive the error for the next backup and I can’t simulate the error. It’s a good idea to test the database as well.