Migration of data from dos to windows version

Subject: Migration of data from Dos Version of Navision Financials to Present Windows Version of Attain Hi, Please clarify the following problem. We have a client who is presently using DOS version of Navision Financials bought 7yrs ago. Now he want to switch to the latest windows version. How should he migrate the data? Thanx & Regards, Vijay Kumar P

If that version is ODBC compliant then you can use C/ODBC otherwise you should contact navision india , i think it can be upgraded in 2-3 process like upgrade from 1 version to another and so on…

We made a upgrade from 3.56 (blue DOS) to Attain 3.01 this year. Our NSC put the data from 3.56 in NF 2.6 and then to 3.01. Andre

Upgrading from Navsion 3.x (character based DOS-OS/2 product) to Navision 3.x (Attain) must go via Navision Financials. But here you can actually make backup with Navision 3.x and restore it directly into Financials. I haven’t tried to restore into Attain - but it should work here also. But the upgrade tools works only with Financials - so this step is advisable. The upgrade of a less modified database is not very difficult, but it’s not do-it-yourself work! On the other hand if your Navision 3.x is very modified, then I would consider to treat is as a completely NEW INSTALL instead of an upgrade. PS: Topic moved from “Open Subject” to “Navision 3.x Technical” forum.