migration navitive database to MS SQL 2008

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First of all, sorry for my English :).

I have native database NAV 5.01 with LS Retail and I would like migrate this database to SQL 2008. Could you send me procedure how can I should do this?

On my trial server I migrate:

  1. Backup native database

  2. Create sql database

  3. Restore native database to sql database

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Hi Daro,

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Well, unfortunately migrating from “native” to SQL Server is not that easy … Have in mind there is an “Upgrade Toolkit” available including a document which describes the requirements and “Do s & Don’t s” in detail …

Also please search the forum and you’ll gent plenty of advices and recommendations!



Thank you for answer. Could you recommend me any books about implementation NAV and optimization database SQL of NAV?

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Hi Darek,

Have a look in the recommended book section link off the home page

I can highly recommend Joerg own book “The NAV/SQL Performance Field Guide” for optimization

Hi Joerg,

You should consider adding this to the recommended book section link [;)]

Thanks a lot [;)]

… no Thank you, your book has help me numerious times [Y] [:D]

Hi Jorg

Could you tell me which solution migration is correct:

I. solution

  1. import object migration to native database

  2. run codeunit 104010

  3. import FIELDCHK.TXT

  4. compile codeunit 104015

  5. run codeunit 104015

  6. make backup nativ database

  7. create new sql database

  8. restore native database to sql database.


II. solution

  1. make backup nativ database

  2. create new sql database

  3. restore native database to sql database.

  4. import object migration to native database

  5. run codeunit 104010

  6. import FIELDCHK.TXT

  7. compile codeunit 104015

  8. run codeunit 104015

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