Migration from SQL Authentication to Windows Authentication


so we are currently implementing the RTC version, which is only compatible with Window Authentication. This is all great except for one problem: at the time of Classic, we used the SQL authentication.

We have over 4 years worth of data, and want to avoid having 2 usernames/userID for each employee. Is there a way to merge an SQL and a WIndows userID togehter? or maybe make one take over all the history and customers of the other?

Thank you in advance for any comments and/or suggestions.


No there is no way to merge sql userid to Windows User id as windows user id will come from ADS .You have to add this in Wndows login.

Once All user familiar with RTC then you can block Sql user id by putting expired date.

Hi Amol,

Thank you for your reply,

I realize that the users will be AD users. My point was after the creation of the windows UserID is done, then can we make the windows UserID take over the old activities of their respective SQL UserID?

This would make it easier for management, reporting, ownership of accounts, sales history… basically once we move to WIndows UserID, the ownership on the old activities has to be moved as well, otherwise it will be pointing to a disconnected user…



No .You need to assign the SQL user id roles & permission to Windows User id manually.

Yes, but about I was not asking about the roles…

I was asking about if UserID WIN can take over all the history of the UserID SQL

Let’S say I have an employee called John Smith. His SQL UserID is JS, his Windows UserID is Smith

WHen I print out a report for John’s department, I will get many activities with JS as the UserID and others as Smith.

Is there a way to tell Navision (SQL command maybe or a tool) that everything that had JS as UserID should now be replaced with Smith UserID?

I am not talking about user and role creation, they are created already, I am talking about the activity history and ownership of clients and sales orders and invoices…

Thank you

NAV2013 is supporting different Credential Types. You can check in below link


Please check whether it can help you in using your previous logins…

No it will not modify the history details of transaction or any kind of data history.

Its pretty simple.

1/ Create SMITH as a Database user in Navision

2/ Synchronize users

3/ Delete SMITH

4/ GO to Databsae users find JS

5/ Rename JS to SMITH.