Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Vs Enterprise edition

Hi Experts,

Can anybody suggest us which editiion of SQL Server 2005 supports 300 Navision Clients to access SQL Server database.


Whether Navision 4.0 SP2 supports SQL Server 2005 - ? is there any performance issues were there - ?



Well both version Standard and Enterprise edition are ok. But I think I would go for the Enterprise edition since you have so many clients.

The main difference for NAV is that Standard edition only supports 4 CPU’s, where Enterprise is unlimited. But also Enterprise’s support for database partitioning could be important. But I think I’ll let our SQL experts on this site answer that one.

You can take a look at this site where the diferent editions are compared:

I would recommend going to SP3 and the latest update. SP2 had some annoying security issues, and SP3 is regarded as the best exe’s for SQL Server. Microsoft is working on a cumulative update 6 for SP3 that will fix a very serious SIFT bug.

If I’m not in mistake Update 6 for 4.0 SP3 should be released this month.

Technically Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition of SQL Server are almost the same, the biggest differences are hardware that both support.

I had heard it was scheduled for release at the end of August, which obviously didn’t happen… Did you get the time frame of September from Microsoft?

I have requested update 5 in August and MS gave information that in September would be available Update 6.