Microsoft Office Document Image writer

I am trying to use this virtual printer driver that comes with Office to produce a Navision report as a TIFF file which I can then attach to an email. Using Report.RUNMODAL with printer selections asks for a location in a window and then does a print preview. There don’t seem to be any option available to disable these. I looked at the automation controller to set location or preview, but didn’t find anything there that I can work with either, as it seems oriented to working with already generated TIFF files. Anyone found a way to fix this?

Try… Why do they need to be TIFF files anyway?

They run Navision on Terminal Server and need to produce a report to send out via email. It turns out Adobe Acrobat, which they have, is not designed for TS, hence the need for an alternative. I ended up using PDF Factory, which has an Enterprise edition.