Microsoft Navision 5.0 Certification Programs

When I noticed that Microsoft removed references to the Navision Development Certifications on Customer Source I emailed Microsoft asking what the certification courses were for Microsoft Navision. They replied that there are not currently certifications for Microsoft NAV Development.

Does anybody have any insight when these certifications will be re-geared and re-offered for the 5.0 version? It seems that soon as Navision 5.0 went live they (MS) removed their links to certification. Our Microsoft Partners in the US say there are still certifications but nobody seems to be able to provide proof.

I have the old NAV 4.0 sylabus details for Microsoft Development I/II courses and I don’t see why a transition to NAV 5.0 would make the old Navision 4.0 certification sylabus obsolete. Any ideas or similar feedback?


Does this link work for you?

The page is as follows:

Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional–Developer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This premier certification helps demonstrate your professional developer proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You must pass two core certification exams and two elective exams to earn your certification in Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional Developer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Core Exams (2 exams required)

C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0
C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

Elective Exams (2 exams required)

Financials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0
Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0
Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0
Installation and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0
Trade & Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0

Note: To become certified as a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Professional, you must successfully complete the exams that are based on version Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 and/or Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0.

I personnally “had” the application equivalent, but as my request was being processed they altered the criteria so I was one exam short, my 2.6 manufacturing exam was relevnt one day then not the next, although the exam, I believe still uses the same pool of questions from 2000 [:D]

Anyway this was in January 2007, I could have sat this exam, but if I had I still would not have qualified, they moved the financials version to 5! I have now sat the original NCR, and the financials equivalent for most versions, feels like it is more of a revenue generator than anything, especially as it does not really test your understanding of the software, just what options are available under which menu option. Microsofts shifting sands approach to this is very disheartening. I would not mind them relegating a version, but tell me the difference between the 4 and 5 financials exam, I bet there is no difference!

The link gives me a page not found error but perhaps because I am not a Microsoft Partner (I do not know). My company has purchased the Microsoft Solution Developer licenses and I regularly code in Navision, but I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find a way to get certified.

Microsoft Navision Certification links on Customer Source only list 2 current certifications:

Who knows what they expect new partners or developers to do. It’s not critical to get certified BUT I would like to take some get Developer Courses to get into topics the Application Developer Guid and Help Manuals just don’t cover.

Well, a little good news. Looks like Microsoft has added new Training Material to its Customer Source Documentation site for 5.0 Development. There are even course numbers that imply there are 5.0 Development courses somewhere out there. Now MS just needs to create (or relink to) the Development Cerftification again.

- C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Course Number 8873 (10/5/2007 2:00:26 PM)
This 5-day training material is programming intensive. Knowledge from the Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 training material is vital to the understanding of the concepts and for participation in this training material. In this training material you’ll learn programming documentation, debugging tools, performance issues, complex data variables and their internal member functions, multi-language functionality, analysis of objects, posting routines, interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, and some Microsoft SQL Server 2005 issues.

- C/SIDE Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Course Number 8874 (10/5/2007 2:00:26 PM)
This five-day training material provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to begin creating objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including tables, forms, and reports, as well as codeunits, MenuSuites, and dataports. In addition, this training material provides an intensive introduction to C/AL, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV coding language.