Microsoft nav 2009 R2 Integration with .net c#

Is there any way to save order details of microsoft nav 2009 r2 from help of .net c#

if it possible please help how can I do that…


Hi !

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pls explain further what do you want to achive ?

Data is in SQL is that not sufficient for you ?


Thanks for Reply me,

my nav version is microsoft nav 2009 R2

and Database MS SQL Server 2008

I am trying to get order data from virtuemart php as xml format (may be other format)

then that order save to microsoft nav 2009 R2 with help of .net c#

if there is other way possible please suggest me…

There are plenty of examples for Web integration , you can read Data from SQL directly but write via web services is the ideal way.

Search the forum and Google . Here is one link.