Microsoft Dynamics GP - Report for Lot History

I am trying to create a report that will show all of the history for a Lot Number. I have a customer that manufactures items and assigns lots. Then they may adjust some out for samples and sell others.

I created a SmartList Builder Report and used the Item Serial and Lot Number History IV30400 table. This seemed like it should work. However, it looks like it is only returning Sales Invoices for Serial tracking items…not Lot Tracked Items. It does show Lot Tracked Item Inventory Adjustments…just not Sales Transactions.

I was able to get Lot Sales form the SOP10201 table…but it is just weird that the IV30400 doesn’t show the sale of Lot Tracked items…

Trying to combine tables in SmartList Builder will be a pain so I might need a SQL View for this…I would welcome any ideas!