Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Xpp.ErrorException' was thrown upon Purchase Order Confirmation


Guys I need your help. I am encountering an error upon Purchase Order confirmation in AX 2012 R2. This also occurs in sales order confirmation.

Here’s the scenario:

I am confirming PO transaction from “approved” status then I am always encountering this following errors:

Please help me guys to solve it. I think it is an application error. thanks in advance.

addition for that… I already performed a full compilation of AX application and Full CIL to that but the same error still exist.


can you try to reset the user settings from System administration/Common/Users/Users then select the user and press option button. In option window you will find Usage data button, press that button the window will open and press the reset button.


I am having the same error, did re-compilation and deleting usage data, nothing has helped so far.

We are on AX 2012 R2.



May be this is the problem with Source document framework. Please make sure that 'Submit document files to workflow’ is marked in Organization administration=> Setup=> Document management=> Document management parameters.

Check the Accounting status of that PO/SO record in AOT\DataDictionary\Tables\SourceDocumentLine, it should be approved.

Alternatively go to General Ledger=> Setup=> General ledger parameters and change the field Values used for summary account= Accounting distributions in the Accounting rules section if using the source document is not compulsion.

Hi all! Thanks for the answers you gave. This issue has been solve. This is due to Procurement and sourcing parameters setup “Automatically recalculate Fact boxes on purchase order update”.

Marking this setup will invoke the class “SourceDocumentLineProvider” which asserts debugging when the parameter “_ledgerdimension” is equal to zero(0).