Microsoft Dynamics AX client has Stopped working

Hi All,

When i try to open Microsoft Dynamics AX client from the local system am getting a pop window like “Microsoft Dynamics AX client has topped working” with 2 options

  1. Check online for a solution and close the program.

  2. Close the program.

Suggest me a solution to overcome this.

Note: On client computers am able to open AX.


What error message did you receive? Are there any error entries in Event viewer?

The one usual cause may be there is a mis-match of version. Check whether you have installed all necessary updates for this AX client.


Is this every time you try to open the client on that machine? I imagine the client configuration to the AX server is setup properly and it was working initially?

If so you could try this: in Windows Explorer go to C:\Documents and Settings%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Application Data and locate the file(s) that are named ax_{GUID}.auc. Delete those and restart the client.

Hope this helps,