Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 how to get started?


I am planning to do Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 financial module, but when i check with one of the silver authorized Microsoft training partner they told me that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 not yet launched in India and they suggested me to do AX 2009 but some gold authorized training partners are providing training for 2012.

I am very much confused. Can anybody tell me that Should i do AX 2009 before i do AX 2012 or can i do AX 2012 directly.

I have completely no idea about this ERP. Can anybody tell…would it be helpful for my career if i complete certification and about Job opportunity for Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 in india.

Hi Viju,

AX 2012 is much different from AX 2009. I will suggest you to go for AX 2012. AX 2012 is going to be released in India very soon.


Do you have any update that when would be release (tentative date) in india ?

I heard Q2 of 2013, but don’t know official release date.


Very interesting your idea. Unfortunately workforce in India working in the market, even if desirable quality sometimes leaves!
Anyway I wish you luck!

dieta rapida

Thank u pranav,

Do u have any idea about how is the job market in India for Microsoft Dynamics AX bocz since i am new to this product i want to know the scope for this product in India.

Hi Viju,

As per me, the job market is good. Many companies has started AX practice in India and they are hiring resources at different level.


Thanks pranav,

Is MS dynamics 2012 beta version available ?

Standard AX 2012 is already released and available in market since August 2011.

You can get that from partner source.


AX 2012 more powerful than AX 2009. I will use AX 2012. AX 2012 is released in India very soon.


So do u think its better to do AX 2012 directly and no need to learn 2009 before i get into AX 2012 rite…



Can anyone suggest me… Is there any major changes in Microsoft Dynamics 2012 finance module compares to 2009.

If so what are those and Has 2012 Ax Finance module lunched in India?

B’coz I am Planning to do Microsoft Dynamics 2009 Training and certification.

Your Suggestion would be helpful.

Hello Pranav, I want to ask you a related question. We are setting up the AX 2012 and would like to know what is the best practice when it comes to having the data such as items, customer/vendor and BoMs etc., and how can we bring the balances so that starting new year we can use the new ERP -system.

  1. planning to use DMF to import master data and also import the GL balances.

  2. how can we bring the inventory balances?

  3. i have development server where I configure/import data based on the testing in the sandbox. now how can we move the configuration/data from Dev to production server?

4.) how to test verify the production server?

  1. Is it a good idea to import inventory journals? I would like to keep it minimal as possible

many thanks or youtube to start looking at basics … and also Channel9

hi brother …what is the present market position of ms dynamics ax financial. .

hi brother,

what is the present market position of the ms dynamics ax financials .

if you complete training and certification in Microsoft dynamics AX it will be very helpful to career and Job opportunity in india and other abroad companies . you can directly learn microsoft dynamics ax 2012.if u want learn microsoft dynamics AX online go to kbs training institute its one of the best online training center.