Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Service & Maintenance


When I go to Service & Maintenance–setup–Work order–Job type–and try to attach a file and I get " Document management directory does not exist"

Please any help is greatly appreciated.



This is the To-increase service and maintenance rather than the standard service?

If you go to the document management parameters in the basic module have you set a directlry for the document management? If you have can you actually open it in Windows Explorer?

I have AX VPC… I am getting same error when m trying to attach image to a record. When I am actuallt trying to find out folder Archived Directory “//AXDocuments”, i cannot find it out in VPC. But I am struggling this problem. Can you help out?? Is this problem because of using VPC??

m facing the same problem while attaching image to a record

Look into your document management setups(Basic → Setup → Document Management) for the archieve directory…Change the location if the specified one does not exists…

Hi Kranthi,

I have the same error, but only with delation. I can attach a document, a note and all but can’t delete. I have checked the archived directory is there, specified.

what else can this error mean?

Thank you in advance.